For the LOVE of Travel!

Hi! We’ve just returned to the new world from Dubai, UAE and our experience was so overwhelming that we have been inspired to start this travel blog. We realized, while there and while reflecting on our adventure, that we could have done our trip better. Don’t get me wrong, we ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! But, in retrospect, we should have spent a little extra money on things we went the cheaper route on and we should have allotted more time to some things we thought wouldn’t take much time.

So, our mission, which we’ve chosen to accept, is to provide anyone with an itch to travel a place to go to get a brief, yet educated sneak peek at their destination. Our intent is not to play spoiler for places or things you have yet to see, but to make sure you get the most LIFE in your ADVENTURE! What we mean by that is giving our readers (viewers) extra tools in their travel tool box beyond the map, the professional internet pics, or the sales-driven rose-colored goggles of tourism. Consider this blog high-level customer service for those who wish to feel and experience their journeys like the traveling elite. We want you to have the BEST time possible while at your destination, using your time and your money wisely.

Let’s face it: traveling ain’t cheap! And traveling comfortably ain’t even more cheap! (Take it from the guy who’s 6’5″ and usually ends up seated on the plane behind the person who just loves to sleep with their chair in the reclined position the whole damned flight, so I can’t see the screen anymore and my knees are jammed so tight against the seat it feels like some sort of ancient torture device. Then when I ever so wonderfully get a chance to stretch ONE leg out into the aisle it immediately gets run over by scurrying stewards (or stewardesses…let’s be politically correct for just a moment) or passengers with poorly timed bladders who spring from their seat to rush to the bathroom as soon as the seatbelt light goes on.  But…back to the point…) So, for the better part of the working world who take their one or two weeks of vacation a year and spend all that they’ve saved year after year on that one big adventure, we would live to offer you this blog in hopes that your well-earned money becomes well-spent money and your well-earned time off becomes wonderfully-LIVED time away.

Please join us on this exciting journey as we take you through our experiences of hits and misses, ups and downs, ins and outs, fun, enjoyment, and the way that we live our lives to the fullest.

And thank you ever so much for reading, watching, hearing and following us.

The Travel Blog Couple

Kevin and Melanie